Asbury Revival Conspiracy

Asbury Revival Conspiracy

Gail M (she/her)Gail M (she/her)Host
Nate Nakao (he/him)Nate Nakao (he/him)Host
Lujza Nehrebeczky (she/her)Lujza Nehrebeczky (she/her)Guest

On February 23, 2023, the Asbury "revival services" will reach their climactic conclusion as men like Francis Chan, Rick Warren, and worship leaders from the International House of Prayer descend onto the stage of Hughes Auditorium on the campus of Asbury University in the small rural community of Wilmore, Kentucky. Many are in awe of the seeming spontaneity of these services, which began on February 8. People from around the world have been watching this surprising event.

But just how "spontaneous" is this revival? Gail spoke with various people, both from inside and outside the university, to discover what's going on behind the scenes. And it's not as innocent as it looks.

For more information on the Asbury revival, check out Rick Pidcock's article, "Questions to ask while pondering if Asbury is hosting a ‘true revival’" in Baptist News Global.

To learn about the New Apostolic Reformation and its hand in bringing about the attack and attempted insurrection on the US Capitol, check out this miniseries from the Straight White American Jesus podcast called Charismatic Revival Fury.


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