Here's a list of some of the resources we've mentioned on the show. We'll continue to update this list as we connect with more resources.

Reclamation Collective

The work of Reclamation Collective is informed by our many partnerships and collaborations with trauma-informed clinicians, community leaders, and activists who validate the wide spectrum of experiences and symptoms that may present following an Adverse Religious Experience. 

We aspire to honor diversity of thought and validate the countless paths that lead to healing, inner peace, and relational harmony through deconstruction and reclamation. Whether you are experiencing a wave of anger or resentment towards your faith of origin or you are in the process of trying to reclaim or reconstruct within a faith context, your voice matters and your experience is valid.

As a community advocacy organization, Reclamation Collective offers a wide variety of support groups, workshops, online resources and support for people along the wide spectrum of deconstruction and reclamation.

Church Clarity

Church Clarity is a crowd-sourced database of local congregations that we score based on how clearly they communicate their actively enforced policies. Our mission is to increase the standard of clarity throughout the Church Industry. We are not advocating for policy changes; we are standardizing church policy disclosure, whatever the policy or type of church in question. People deserve to know the truth.


Founded in 2013, FreedHearts reaches into hurting communities with a message of love, inclusion, belonging, and hope — for parents, LGBTQ+, educators, therapists, and the church. We help people deconstruct their faith to free their heart to love and be loved. FreedHearts is in the trenches, providing safe spaces, inspiration, and encouragement. We have dynamic, transformational live, podcast, print, and film resources for LGBTQ+, parents, families, allies, and communities—to free hearts that change the world.