Hillsong on Trial — with Tanya Levin

Hillsong on Trial — with Tanya Levin

Gail M (she/her)Gail M (she/her)Host
Nate Nakao (he/him)Nate Nakao (he/him)Host
Tanya Levin (she/her)Tanya Levin (she/her)Guest

Producer's note: This episode contains discussions of sexual assault by clergy and child sex abuse by clergy. Listener discretion is advised.

Former Hillsong Church member and author of the book People in Glass Houses: An Insider's Story of a Life In and Out of Hillsong Tanya Levin sits down with Gail and Nate to talk about her experience at Hillsong in Australia from its founding and what she has learned in the years since.

Tanya is also the host of the popular podcast Leaving Hillsong, where she regularly features the stories of those who have left the Hillsong empire. Through her book, podcast, and Instagram account, Tanya provides insightful and inspirational information for people dealing with the trauma of Hillsong and their adjacent churches.

Tanya's book:

Tanya's links:

New York Times article about Hillsong's deal with Facebook: "Facebook’s Next Target: The Religious Experience"

CORRECTION: Frank Houston was not convicted of child sex abuse. He was reported to the church, allowed to quietly resign, and paid hush money to the victim.


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