Is Evangelicalism a Cult? (Part 3) — with Janice Lagata

Is Evangelicalism a Cult? (Part 3) — with Janice Lagata

Gail M (she/her)Gail M (she/her)Host
Nate Nakao (he/him)Nate Nakao (he/him)Host
Janice Lagata (she/her)Janice Lagata (she/her)Guest

We conclude our roundtable conversation in this episode with the last two points in Steven Hassan's BITE model of authoritarian control and how Evangelicalism fits these descriptions. We also took a little bit of time to address the "He Gets Us" ad campaign that has the Evangelical world simultaneously giddy and furious. As a bonus, we wrap up with a few of the cornier Christian catchphrases we could think of. If you've got any more, swing by the Dauntless Media Collective Discord server and share your ideas!

At the end of this episode, we mentioned Janice's other podcast, Bad Words. New episodes have started dropping, so be sure to check it out here or wherever you get your podcasts!



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