Why Churches Need To Be Clear — with Christopher Doran

Why Churches Need To Be Clear — with Christopher Doran

Gail M (she/her)Gail M (she/her)Writer
Nate Nakao (he/him)Nate Nakao (he/him)Producer
Christopher Doran (he/him)Christopher Doran (he/him)Guest

Part 2 of Gail and Nate's conversation with Christopher Doran, where they discuss the need for churches to be clear on LGBTQ+ participation, healing after church trauma, and hope for a better way of communicating to LGBTQ+ folks whether they'll find a true home in specific churches. Be sure to listen to part 1 of the conversation here.

Read Chris' full story at this link.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

  • churchclarity.org for information on churches' actively enforced policies regarding women in leadership and LGBTQ+ inclusion. 
  • freedhearts.org for LGBTQIA+ support in religious communities. 
  • reclamationcollective.com for mental health support groups and therapists specializing in religious trauma, adverse religious experiences, and spiritual abuse survival.

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